The research methodology highlights the methods specific for each discipline involved in the project and it emphasizes the skills of each team member. The specific methods pertain to both historical research and special history sciences. Concerning the volumes of documents from the archive of the Zographou Monastery, both historiographical schools will collaborate and publish the volumes according to the scientific rules established for the collection “Archives de l’Athos”. The volume of documents from the archive of the Docheiariou Monastery will be published following the rules of the Romanian academic collection DRH. In addition, for the Bulgarian edition of the volume of documents from the archive of the Zographou Monastery, the Bulgarian colleagues will use the entire Bulgarian bibliography and the editing methods specific to Paleo-Slavonic texts.

To elaborate the volume of documents from the archives of the Zographou and Docheiariou monasteries and to attain the other objectives proposed, we identified the activities necessary and we allocated them to each team member, by their experience, knowledge and skills. In order to attain these objectives, the research team benefits from experienced researchers, with skills in historical research and the technique of editing old texts and documents. Moreover, the post-doctoral researchers and the master students are eager to learn the methods specific to the editing of old texts and the drafting techniques for scientific papers. We consider this work plan to be balanced in terms of duration, fully achievable with the existing and proposed resources. It also reflects an effective application of the project objectives.