The research methodology highlights the methods specific to each discipline involved in the unfolding of the project and the valorisation of the skills specific to each team member. The specific methods pertain to the historical and philological research, as well as to the special historical sciences: Romanian-Cyrillic, Slavonic, and Greek palaeography; genealogy; heraldry; the history of Church; the history of art; the history of law; archival studies; field surveys.

The team of this project includes two female researchers in the field of Romanian philology, who will also study from a linguistic perspective the documents within these archives (Slavic, Romanian, and Greek), a less present aspect in the Romanian philological research. For editing the volumes of documents within the archives of the Iviron, Saint Paul, and Vatopedi monasteries, and of the volume of Romanian-Athonite documents within the archives in Romania and the Republic of Moldova, we will use the scientific rules established for the Romanian academic collection: DRH or for the best-elaborated archival catalogue in Romania (CDȚR).